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tv   News  ABC  February 7, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good monday morning, it's february 7th. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson -- charley crowson. we have a great week lining up this week. superbowl was last night. everyone enjoyed the game, we think so because the steelers lost. let's check in with justin berk about the workweek forecast. >> good morning. it's 5:30. we will look at the week ahead. it looks like we start out might. the middle of the week will be chilly. and then we finish up with a
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boost heading into next weekend. we have this mild surge today. you may not feel it this morning. we should get back into the mid to upper 40s in the afternoon. the push of cold air brings in rain after dark and could lend as a little snow towards daybreak and the big question about another big storm on thursday right now looking less likely. but we will spell out the details in the extend forecast coming up. we -- extended forecast coming up. a cool 26 in bel air. even down towards pasadena in anne arundel county. we are dry on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. here's kim with traffic. >> now, the 24-hour traffic authority brought to you by toyota. >> reporter: thanks, as we look live at anne arundel county. traffic is moving very well in both directions. no issues on route 50. we have some occasional icy patches reported. but in baltimore city, there's a couple incidents including green spring and wood home accident and a closure bowmont avenue closed between ivanhoe and midwood avenue because of a three and i harm fire.
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now back to -- three-alarm fire. now back to you. >> thanks. it's 5:31 -- 5:31. police are saying people who living there were stalked by a man living there who film them while nude. >> the story certainly is surprising to people who live in the neighborhood. apparently police say that this man had lots of video and they are going through it to get more information. >> they are saying they are uncomfortable and it's putting it mildly after he was charged as a peeping town. 35-year-old novak was nd house arrest until he was arrested and charged again. in december washings found in a car in a woman -- december, he was found in a woman's car in a garage and police found nude videos of women changing clothes and little girls in underwear. >> police say the evidence points the finger at a peeping tom.
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and he burglarized at least two more homes in the crofton area. there are four victims burks police say there could be more identified. they are going through the tapes right now. novak is charged right now with 21 counts of burglary, theft and peeping tom. he is being held without bond. if you live in the crofton area, police are asking you consider anything that may seemodd or out of place like missing underwear or garments. if you have information that could help, and that's the man charles novak, call ann arunde county police at 41 -- anne arundel -- arundel county police. we will keep you updated on the story as it continues to develop why 5:33-- and 5á:33 -- 5:33 right now. in cairo, egyptians are trying to get life back to normal. banks have finally reopened for the first time in a week. cars have returned to the streets.
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egypt's stock market will remain closed until at least wednesday. and a curfew remains in place. maryland businesses are keeping a close eye on the crisis in egypt. the state has been a trade partner with the country for more than a decade. just last year, maryland exported about 400 million dollars in goods to ejpt alone. -- egypt alone. today, the governor of ohio will travel to youngstown state university to talk about a shooting at a frat house that killed a student and injured 11 others. two men left a house party angry to return sunday morning and sprayed the room with bullets and the crowd. a 17-year-old was shot and killed. he was shot in the head while trying to separate the two groups from fighting. two men were arrested and charged with aggravated murder as well as 11 other counts. soccer matches should be fun for the players and for their families, too. >> coming up, what caused a ruckus at a game that ended inchaos. the videos are becoming more
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and more common. people, brawls, after the games. a soccer fight, now. why are the people in line? some since friday night. why they say it's all worth it>> bieber? >> we will tell you all about it. but first, out to mark jones with the mta to look at trains and buses and how they are moving this morning. >> reporter: good morning. the commute looks good right now on light rail and an earlier delay that cleared up. metro subway on time. on the buses, the 30 bus is diverted at he hadmonson and swann. the the 11 bus by-passing rogers forge and bus 1, 15, 20 and 40 running 20 to 30 minutes behind.
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(announcer) choosey moms, and dads, choose jif. 5:38. a little boy is a big star thanks to a very memorable superbowl ad. you never see his face. 6-year-old max page stars as darth vader in the volkswagen commercial. it's very cute. basically, he tries use -- the use of force on everything from his dog to his parents' car. but getting the role was not
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his biggest challenge. he is battling a heart defect. he has the help of a pacemaker. doctors say max can live a relatively normal life. >> started on the commercial, and i was just thrilled to have a commercial. i've never seen seen. so i tried my best, and when i found the director, he said he has his own little move. >> could he be cuter? the ad has had 14 million views on youtube. i am charley crowson with you talking about the commercial megan. that was named by as the best ad for superbowl xlv. number two was a chrysler spot
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including m&m talking about imported from detroit. you haven't seen this -- if you haven't seen this, you want to check it out. it's a moving piece about the city of detroit and what they have been through over the past several years. and making headlines, the bug dorito commercial. it's funny. hands down the strongest pug you've seen in your life going after the bag of dorito's. talks about christina aguilera botching the national anthem. we will talk about this throughout the morning. several reports going back and forth as to what happened. she herself said she got caught up in the moment and she hopes this in no way diminishes anyone's thoughts about her and her love of country. but you have to think, when you are singing in front of 103,000 and millions watching at home, you might get lost in the moment there as well. it might be more difficult than you think. some of the facebook reaction on the wmar facebook fan page this morning, mixed. some people saying give her a break. others saying it's the national
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anthem including the pratt library that tweet tweeted if she didn't know the words, she could come by the library later today and they would have the word for her to check out if she would like. we will continue to look at what's popular on line at the wmar facebook fan page as well as again, darth vader boy with the volkswagen commercial was tops. and my mom said if it's a son, that's my kid. justin, over to you. 5:41. we will go to the superbowl recap of weather stations. we have got this great time- lapse imagery from the u.s. naval academy. i wanted to highlight this for you yesterday. this is the same spot that gave us the beautiful rainbow last week. we put it in motion, and you can see the beautiful sunrise. not much in the way of cloudiness. it turned out to be a gorgeous day.
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you can see some sailboat traffic out there. yeah, they are learning to sail in the middle of winter. this morning, 29 in annapolis. we are checking out numbers from 31 in dundalk and the eastern shore. chestertown at 25. and over towards easton, 25. overall, we have been watching cloudiness retreating up towards the north. it will make a return. it will be a partly cloudy morning with increasing clouds in the afternoon. pushing 47 as the two degree guaranteed high. rain beginning tonight ending with a little bit of snow. let's check out the traffic with kim brown. >> reporter: thanks, justin. traffic again off to a really good start. especially on a lot of the main roads. no issues here looking live at the beltway. 695 at providence road, traffic is light. no delays and no major incidents on 95, 83s or on 795. we have reports of some occasional icy patches. keep an eye out for those. working one accident in
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baltimore city. green spring avenue at woodland avenue. that ongoing road closure for the three-alarm fire bowmont avenue closed between ivanhoe and midland. that could remain closed for at least two to three hours. stay with us, because there's more of "good morning maryland" coming back after this. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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time 5:45. developing news this morning out of southeastern baltimore where city fire crews have been fighting a three-alarm fire overnight. it broke out on bowmont avenue blocks where linda so is. you talked to the woman who made the 911 call. what a great story and depiction she had. >> reporter: everyone was able to get out of the house safely. no injuries to report this morning. we are about a block from the fire. you can see the fire trucks are here. firefighters are actually using two ladder trucks to douse the fire. it's pretty much under control. they are just spraying the fire with water from above. but we were able to actually walk up closer to the house. we are right in front of it. and from my opinion, it's a total loss. it was a pretty big fire.
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the call came out at around 3:a. -- 3:50. a neighbor walking by the housesaid she saw the fire start on the front porch and called 9 len and in a matter of second, the fire spread he to the house. it was actually a grandmother, her grown daughter and the daughter's two young children who lived in the house. the neighbor says she saw the grandmother on the front porch with the rag over her mouth yelling that the kid were still inside. she needed to go back inside to get the kid. luckily, the kid heard that and came out. everyone was able to get out safely. let's hear from the neighbor who made that 911 call. >> as i was talking to the dispatcher, the house just blew up in to flames. we were able to get the party out. it was an older adult, a young adult and two small children. and they seemed to be fine. >> reporter: so, again, the good news to report is no one was injured in the fire. we sought family. we walked up closer to the
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house. the family is staying with the neighbor right now. but everyone is safe this morning. around here in this area, bowmont, the streets surrounding it are closed off. expect road closures for the next two or three hours this morning. but, again, this was a three-alarm fire. everyone was able to get out safely. live in northeast baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. day three of jury deliberation continue at the trial of 18-year-old twin boys accused of setting a pet bull on fire. travers and tremayne face charges. the vets tried to save the dog giving her the nickname phoenix. today friends and family will pay last respects to the parents of baltimore city councilman nick d'adamo. nicholas senior and his wife grace passed away last week within 24 hours of each other. they had been married for over
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60 years. both had been ill. funeral services will take place at ten this morning at the shrine of little flower church on bel air road. today, baltimore mayor stephanie-rawlings -- rawlings -- stephanie rawlings-blake will deliver the state of the city address. the mayor expected to focus on things as education, neighborhood, public safety and fiscal responsibility. her address is set for 2:30 at city hall. we will have complete coverage of this address and reaction on abc2 news at five and six. if you filled up lately, younoticed gas prices are going up again. new lundberg survey says the average price of a regular gallon jumped a penny and a half during the past two weeks. nationwide, the average price of a regular unleaded gallon of gas is $3.12 a gallon and that's exactly what i paid yesterday. justin. >> we are looking at
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yesterday's high temperatures, 47 in baltimore. that was well above normal. it looks like we will do it again today. cold air is linger to the west. we are in a lot of deep snow pack -- lingering to the west. we are in a lot of deep snow pack. richmond and roanoke hit it yes. and it's not uncommon for us to reach 50 degree weather. we may just miss it before the cold shot comes in tonight. on this monday, the 7th of february, typically 25 in the morning and 43 in the afternoon will do it. this is the air we stretch out the daylight. and we add about a minute and a half to two minutes of daylight each day. that's beginning to help the sun with getting higher in the sky. the temperatures are warming up about a degree each we are. 7:08, the sunrise is 5:34 sun sets. and yes, we should see sun in the morning. in fact, we are stuck in between two bands of clouds. one lifting to the another, and another surge from the southern system approaching. we will get ourselves some sunshine this morning. the push of the wind coming out of the south. and a mild surge that gets our
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temperatures back up into the mid to upper 40s. that's what we are looking forward to today. a partly cloudy start but increasing clouds during the afternoon and showers after dark. we will go for 47 as the two degree guaranteed high. it's mostly rain. we will highlight that for tonight. there will be a little bit of snow that tries to sneak in as it wraps up after the night and into daybreak. low temperatures probably staying for most of the metro area above freezing. so annapolis, baltimore, and up to bel air should be fine. northwest hereford zone carroll county could get the slushy mix at the tail end. there's the system to the south. passing east of dallas in through arkansas getting snow. and the southern system is coming together just offshore. so we may have a potential big storm. but we will get something as it tries to organize. the showers after dark. we will have it before midnight. and after midnight, cold air especially on the north side,mixing with and turning over to snow. maybe a slushy coating north and west of town. but baltimore southbound looks
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wet and gets out of here toward daybreak and we push in the colder air. the extended outlook, temperatures for early high and wind ay. and 15 overnight. low 30s wednesday, thursday's storm looks like a very small threat. >> reporter: right now south of the baltimore metro, no major problems on 95 between 695 down towards the capital beltway. all lanes are opened on the bw parkway southbound lanes from here to green belt. 695 on the baltimore beltway at providence road through parkville and towson, traffic is moving at a nice pace. no incidents reported. however, in baltimore city, we have crash activity lingering at green spring avenue and woodland avenue. and because of a threei-alarm fire, bowmont is closed between ivanhoe and midland. more of this morning's top stories and weather and
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trafficall up next on "good morning maryland." ♪
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coffee-mate, from nestle. more disturbing video. a high school athlete charged
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with battery after a fight that broke out last thursday. players accused of breaking another's two front teeth a resource officer broke up the fight by using pepper spray. florida high schooling at let being association is investigating the matter. another senseless fight. check this out. a line growing longer by the hour as parents and studentscamp out in vacaville california. a goal at buckingham charter magnet high school. some people have been here since friday night camping out in tents or rvs or with their sleeping bags. that's because enrollment pour public schools starts today. >> i want the best education for my daughter. we researched the high schools. >> my parents think it's really good school, and they are too busy to come by themselves and they left me here and will bring me food and a tent to sleep in. >> buckingham charter magnet high school describes as a
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small nurturing college preparatory school with high expect stations -- expectations. no tuition which is why parents are hoping to secure a spot there. it's 5:56. millions go online every day searching for a job or posting a job online. >> and this morning, joce sterman looks at why scamers are looking -- using job postings to get into bank accounts. some of you may not be able to file your taxes as early as normal. what the people on capitol hill are saying could be causing this delay. that story in the next half- hour. back in a bit.
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now, "good morning, maryland." breaking news this morning. crews are on the scene of a fire in northeast baltimore. you are looking at live pictures. we will take you to the scene. people living in one area of crofton saying they are in shock this morning after po


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